【NEW】  Spare parts washer  Wonder Laundry New arrival !

Spare parts washer with excellent cost performance is simple.
Spare parts washer made by gears manufacturer specializing in metal processing.

  • Cleaning arch rotates in water pressure without the use of a motor.
  • Rinse over the dirt in 360 degrees.

  • Washing water is economical recycling use.
  • Safety design that does not close the lid and vibration shaking in taking out and put in the parts.
  • Car maintenance factory, metal precessing factory, and other general industry.

Model IPC-1
Washing method Arch turning spray detergent
Washing water Recycle method
Tank capacity 150L
Pump Multistage centrifugal pump
Washing pump capacity 50Hz: 0.3MPa 150L/min 1.4kw
60Hz: 0.3MPa 250L/min 2.5kw
Washing detergent Specilize detergent
Washing area dimension Φ644
Washing work max dimension Φ630×300Hmm
Washing work max weight 100kg
Working time Able to set anytime
Hot water heater 5kw
Electric capacity 50Hz: 6.4kw
60Hz: 7.5kw
Net weight About 180kg
Net dimension W950×D950×H1150mm ( Included protruding object)
Car air conditioner gas cleaner “Air circulation”

Full auto, simple operation, so everybody could use this Car air conditioner gas cleaner

  • Full auto, simple operation, after setting capacity, just press button Start to select courses.
  • Cleaning and filling gas, besides that it is compatiblewithall seasonbyusing liquidfillingmethodat low temperatureswithout starting car’s engine.
  • Display big Led light, so it is easy to follow the operation process.
  • High function type, able to operate independently based on manual operation and using high accuracy load cell.
  • Cleaning and filling gas into Car air conditioner gas HFC-134a.
  • Most of them using at gas station, maintenance factory, car shop, etc。
  • Get back gas from outside machine

Model YN-12-2
Name plate CFC Gas recovering, recycling and filling equipment “JUNPU”
Application HFC-134A
Light capacity About3.6L(About4,000g)
Filing quantity Cleaning :10~2,000g(10gUnit )
Gas support:10~2,000g(10gUnit )
Oil seperator Only use for Oil seperator
Basic function Cleaning: Recover, recycle →Vacuum→Fill→Finish
Gas support: Measure→Fill→Finish
Manual operation: Recovery, recycle, Vacuum, Fill chemical
Recovery capacity 100g/minute
Measurement method Weight loadcell method
Recycle Dry filter (Change method)
Safe equipment Pressure sensor, safe valve, fuse, thermal magnetic switch
Safe display In case occur full liquid, extraordinary pressure, or miss operation, it will display error lamp and warning buzzer.
Sticking service can 1
Sticking chemical can mouth 2
Compound gauge High pressure measurement: -0.1~3.5Mpa
Low pressure measurement: -0.1~1.7Mpa
Electric power AC100V 15AOver 50/60Hz
Outside size 574mm(W)×579mm(D)×1130mm(H)
Weight About70Kg
Temperature 5~40℃
Attached parts O ring for high pressure plug: 1 pcs; O ring for low pressure: 1 pcs;
Dry filter: 1 pcs; Plug for charge van: 3 pcs; Packing for charge van: 2 pcs; Analog thermometer: 1 pcs;
Waste oil bottle: 1 pcs; Fuse can: 1 pcs; Handling instruction: 1 set; Check seal: 1 set

Excellent visibility with large LED! Simple usage! Safe working with outsatanding accuracy! Standard mode with nitrogen!

  • Press +-button to set up, operation is very simple.
  • Support air supply pressure 1.4Mpa, don’t need air pressure reducing valve in any situation.
  • Equipped with LED visibility is outstanding large.
  • in the case of standard model-(22S) is equipped with board accuracy adjustment control function.
  • Equipped with standard nitrogen-filled and air vent nitrogen mode, corresponding to the filling and put twice complement.

Type Stand type Ornament type
Model NDI-22S NDI-22W
Electric power AC-100V 50/60HZ
Air supply pressure Maximum 1400Kpa
Air support pressure 30~999kpa
Air hose 8m(Double chuck)
Air supply mouth PT1/4
Minimum scale 1kpa
Presision ±5kpa
Temperature range -20℃~60℃
Machine dimension W320×D240×H1100 W320×D162×H1255
Weight About13kg About8.5kg
Accessories Air hose 8m, double chuck, anchor bolt 4 pcs, hose rack, coupler for air supply mouth (coupler 1/4 20PF)
Option All type of air chuck, inflator gauge, movable inflator, stand for movable inflator, hose reel
Movable Inflator “ Mobile”

Large gauge board, easy to see !

  • Large gauge board, easy to see !
  • Resistance of tank is 1.6Mpa
  • You can not require use of a pressure reducing valve if the pressure in the compressor

Model 6L
Air filling pressure 0~1.0Mpa
Pressure gauge tray Φ160 Inclination 20° kpa Display
Minimum scale unit 10kpa
Air hose Length 1m
Tank capacity 6L
Maximum loading pressure Attach pressure safe valve over 1.6Mpa
Temperature range -10℃~+60℃
Machine dimension Height 670mm Wide 250mm
Weight About7.1kg
Accessories Double air chuck, stand
High-performance gear pump, gear pump motor set

High-performance gear pump, gear pump motor set

  • Diameter of hole in gear pump have 3 kinds such as 15A, 20A, 25A
  • These type is replaced for the pump in use now.
  • Gear pump motor sets have two types are single-phase 100V 400W, diameter of hole is 20A and 750W 25A .
  • Because it is assembled set with the motor, as it is available using immediately
  • About "water", please use the dash pump.
  • About dash pump, there is a set of hose for water supply and discharge hose, nozzle.
  • Please use the oil feed oil, oil, etc.

      Gear pump Gear pump motor set Dash pump


diameter 15A


diameter 20A


diameter 25A

400W 20A 750W 25A


diameter 20A

Quality Case   Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal
Gear   Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Gun metal
Fluid   Oil Oil Oil Oil Oil Oil、water
Hole diameter Intake   15A 20A 25A 20A 25A 20A
Discharge   15A 20A 25A 20A 25A 20A
Electric motor specification W 400 750
Cicle quant 50Hz rpm Under 800 Under 600 Under 600 420 420 Under 600
60Hz 500 500
Quant of max discharge 50Hz L/min 11.5 62 63 46 61 42
60Hz 53 59
Max discharge pressure MPa 0.3 0.3 0.5 0.3 0.3 0.5
Weight Kg 4.3 6.6 11 29.5 35



Attached parts 4
Mounting pitch mm 78(Φ7) 97x28(Φ10)


Connection axis diameter mm Φ14 Φ20 Φ22     PTO Connection axis
Support electric motor W Over 200 Over 400 Over 750 1.5~2PS

Support pump


  4A1 6A1 8A1

Support motor


  2A1 2A1 3A1
Accessoriess         Pump
Motor pulley 21/2A
Pump pulley 8A
V belt A38
Belt cover
Safe breaker (15A)
Motor pulley 21/2A
Pump pulley 8A
V belt A38
Belt cover
Safe breaker (15A)
Inhalation hose 4mm
Discharge hose 6mm
Discharge nozzle
Auto press empty cans with magnetic TCP-90

Raise up efficiency in transportation and collecting !!

  • Low price
  • Space saving
  • Able to press 18L cans
  • multistage of the molded product is OK
  • National service net
  • Government
  • Cleaning
Recycle car washing water machine RS-10

Recycle waste washing water in order to use again

  • Save water expense after washing.
  • Down cost by reuse washed water.
  • Solution for water in the summer
  • Washing construction machine
Nitrogen gas arising equipment

Play an important part in the business scene with nitrogen gas charge services

  • Safe
  • Economic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Gasoline stand
  • Car maintenance store

Model NP-15 NP-30 NP-60
Method Membrane separation method Membrane separation method Membrane separation method
Gas nitrogen purity Over 97.0±2.0% Over 97.0±2.0% Over 97.0±2.0%
Quant of arising gas nitrogen 100L/min、concentration 97±2% (When air is material) 200L/min、concentration 97±2% (When air is material) 480L/min、concentration 97±2% (When air is material)
Air supply 1.37MPa, air supply heat over 15℃ Air supply 1.37MPa, air supply heat over 15℃ Air supply 1.37MPa, air supply heat over 15℃
Capacity neccesory compressor Over 2.2kw Over 3.7kw Over 7.5kw
Density setting System flow adjustment dial method System flow adjustment dial method System flow adjustment dial method
Machine dimension W434×D324×H1182 W500×D380×H1236 W500×D380×H1354
Weight About 40kg About 49kg About 68kg
Air element cleaner TF-10

Goodbye to unpleasant element

  • To reduce the maintenance costs of the air element
  • Easy one-touch operation
  • Achieve savings in fuel consumption
  • To be free from that nasty cleaning element
  • Car maintenance factory

Model TF-10
Dimension H1705×W670×D503
Air pressure required 0.7Mpa
Maximum dimension cleaned object Φ330×H560
Minimum dimension cleaned object Φ230×H200
Electric power Three phase 200V
Time required Maximum About 5 minute/60Hz 6 minute/50Hz
Scrubber boots equipment BW-3

Washing even bottom shoes only by 3 special brushes

  • Boots washing machine.
  • It can be used in single-phase 100V power, don’t need to choose place for setting.
  • It is preeminent and durable stainless steel.
  • Standard detergent tank (chemical). You can disinfect.
  • Food manufactory
  • Construction industry

Model BW-3
Net dimension W559×D635×H979
Motor voltage AC100V
Capacity of detergent tank 5L
Brush Upper brush Φ200(2pcs)
Lower brush Φ145(1pcs)
Diameter of water supply 1/2B
Ashtray washing machine AC-3

Washing ashtray in 3 minutes

  • Washing both of side of ashtray
  • Operation is very simple
  • You can wash even pedal by water or dry washing
  • Gasoline station
Ecology oil

92% disintegrative component!

  • Sale 2 cycle engine oil, friendly to the Earth.
  • Able to store in a long time
  • Chainsaw
  • Mowing machine
  • Moped . Autobike
  • Outboard motor
  • Jet ski
  • Snow Mobile ….
Slim wrench

Easier to use air wrench

  • At first on the world, introduce a useful slim tool!
  • If using a slim wrench in a gap could not entered, only with an air ratchet wrench you could reach even very narrow place of a whopping 20mm.
  • This slim wrench could be use at narrow place, electric screwdriver hand ratchet wrench air ratchet.
  • Since the method is used for conducting special gear, so it becomes very strong.
  • Desorption of dynamo
  • Remove screw in tire house
  • Parts inside the door
  • When adjusting belt tension (power steering belt)
  • Door hinge
  • Disassemble frame of car

Model OAT-10
Outside size L =168.25 W =37 H =11.5(mm) 
Net weight About420g
Purpose Air Ratchet Wrench L-type specialized auxiliary tool
Ratchet wrench application Air Ratchet Wrench 9.5mm insertion angle shape L
wrench holder (adjustable to 20 ~ 30mm)
Maximum torque 50N・m(5.1kgf・m)
Maximum rotation quantity 400rpm/min
Bolt application (with adapter) 8,10,12,13,14 mm six angle bolts
6.35mmHEX driver bit (+ NO2)
Option Driver Bit + NO1, NO3, 2,2.5,3,4,5,6, six angle