Introduce application No.1
img_case01.jpg Kind of business
Food (Bean sprout) producing, trading

Introduce company name
Bean sprout producing & trading Co., Ltd

Person in charge
** Director

Introduce machine name
Tray cleaning machine MC-1

Old difficult point
COur company plant and produce bean sprout, after cutting necessary part of bean sprout, we have to clean the tray for cultivation. On the planting tray, it remains a lot of bean sprout roots. In order to prepare for the next production, we have to remove all these roots by cleaning.
Quantity is over 1,000 pieces everyday.
So far, we had done all of such as these works only by hand.
Put 10 pieces on together, then use high pressure washing machine to blow away all roots.
When we use this method, we had to find a wide place to wash, and the washing quality isn’t good, and the roots still remain. Besides, there are many big problems that we had to meet.
We had to wear a raincoat in the hot weather, or working hardly in cold winter.
And this affects to our cultivation. This problem made us headache.

Improved point for introduction
Now, all work became smooth. The work need 3 people, now only need 01 female staff, and don’t need to wear raincoat, she only stay in a room with air conditioner, and collect the waste use in container. So we are very satisfy with this result.

Other word
It is difficult to forget the first impression of trial running even now.
In fact, at first, the tray came out from washing machine, we couldn’t find although 01 roots which was putting tightly into the tray.
Without thinking, I speak loudly “ This is so great !! Perfect !!”
Introduce application No.2
img_case02.jpg Kind of business
Food factory

Introduce name of company
Company K

Person in charge
Factory Tokyo Factory Manager

Introduce machine name
Ultra high pressure, hot water machine S-1

Difficult point
Up to now, we only use water to wash the food producing machine, so we couldn’t wash all oil dirty, and we were really facing this trouble. So in our factory, we always discuss with each others to find out the washing machine that could clean the dirty oil simply.

Introduce improved points
The oil dirty area is decrease immediately. Especial is washing area, it is too narrow to wash, so we improved in order to decrease working time and labor. Of course, washing by machines shall be more tidy than washing by hand. Dirty of oil shall effect to the time of using machine, so we think that cleaning all dirty oil shall make the machines will be used for more longer.

Other words
We had requested the person in charge of Okatsune to demonstrate the ultra hot water high temperature machine, and in the first time trial, the result of trial had made us surprise.
We think from now, we want to continue using this machine.
Introduce application No.3
img_case03.jpg Kind of business
Collect industrial waste

Introduce company name
Company I

Person in charge
** Manager

Introduce machine name
Auto press cans with magnetic TCP 90

Problem point
We classified the desorped container, which kind made from metal, which kind made from glass, and when them became full, we brought them to recycle factory., then we had to pay some Yen for each kilo. Espeacial in transporting metal container, it includes air, so we had headache in thinking about the rate of transporting.

Introduce about improved point
Up to now, we had already resolved the payment of processing, but from the date applying auto press cans with magnetic equipment, we could classify steel and aluminum, so we could press them into a block, after that we sold them to the collect metal’s stores. Besides that, we did glad because of awareness of citizen in collecting empty cans and fee of leasing machine is increasing.

In other words
In other words, this is a method to process waste, which was made from bury waste idea in apartment area, and through our business plan, we have tried our best to find out method of processing waste, and it’s considered as a big contribution to this society.
Introduce application No.4
Kind of business
Animal rasing . Feed . Research area
To be used in disinfecting cars in out some places such as research area, or related to feeding, farming.

Introduce name of company

Research facility in Tochigi province


Research facility in Tochigi province


Meat distribution center in Kagoshima province


Meat distribution center in Kagoshima province


Meat center in Gifu province


Experiment statement in Gifu province


Research facility in Ibaraki province


Meat center in Okinawa province


Feed center in Hokkaido


Seed center in Hokkaido


Feed facility in Hokkaido


Meat distribution center in Aichi province

Introduce application No.5
ガソリンスタンド Kind of business
Gasoline station . Secondhand car . Rental car . Taxi . Car shop

In competition between gasoline stand, after use Bubble washing equipment then washing by hand, if there is free glass coat service, it will be a difference to the other gasoline stands.
Introduce application No.6
農業関係 Kind of business
Related to farming

We had designed in order to match to the tray for cultivation.